“ We fall into a daze and lose our zeal” –unknown

It’s easy to do, fall into a daze and lose our zeal, dealing with priorities of life, our obligatory duties that begin to feel mundane day in and out. Before we realize it, days turn to weeks, weeks to months, and months to years and all of our plans, dreams, goals, ambitions get pushed to the side, until we’ve convinced ourselves we are either unworthy, or we’ll get to it another day, perpetuating the cycle.

I want to encourage you to get up!

Take action and do something this week you said you would get to, have been putting off. Whether it’s a boring chore, a scary new project, or an exciting new adventure… getting your zeal back requires action, even in the smallest form. It requires following through with a mental contract you made with yourself. The rewards for accomplishing something that has collected dust on your to-do list can be endless and you never know the spark of inspiration that may follow.

What’s holding you back?

We never know how many more tomorrow’s we’ll have to put things off onto. There are so many dreams lying still in a cemetery. People often put off their dreams because too many chores or scary projects have stacked up. Being productive can bring a sense of zeal back into your life. Get up and take care some of the things you told yourself you’re going to. Shake things up, get moving and take action.

…but remember

Remember to have balance in action. Yes, we all have obligations we’ve put off and need to get to, but it’s equally important that we nurture the side of ourselves that needs to have fun. Excitement. Joy. We all have that adventure we’ve put off. Tending to all aspects of our life will prevent weeds from growing in our garden called self. Pull the weeds, water the flowers, and don’t forget to bask in the sunshine!

Stay inspired!